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Fenn’s Remembered

Walnut Crush, Butter Brickle, Big Bogie, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Flavorings - View our site, learn about the processes, and share your stories......

Welcome to Fenn’s Remembered

1898 - one Fenn brother leaves his home everyday and walks about a block to his shoe business; the other brother, a teller at First National Bank in downtown Sioux Falls, SD.  One can only imagine the discussion that ensued…..” I think we should start a soda pop company….sell bottled beer…and make candy…..”   

Unbeknownst to these small entrepreneurs, an international company would eventually be formed with thousands of people enjoying their treats made with only REAL ingredients…..

Come with us and explore the history…….



We need your help!!  We want to publish a book about Fenn’s but we need your stories/pictures.

When we do a presentation, the best part is your memories - please take a minute and send us some memories and/or pictures.

I want to help!!