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Fenn’s Remembered

About Us

Delores Anderson, Patty Fenn-Coddington, Mary Jane Fenn, Craig Hagen, and the many others who have shared their stories and pictures to make the history come alive once again.

This page and memories are dedicated to my Dad - Delmer “Andy” Anderson.  After leaving the Marine Corps in 1948, he was offered a position working on the night crew at Fenn’s Bros in Sioux Falls, SD.  Although he enjoyed this position, he was asked to learn about the candy machines and how to maintain, repair, and create new ones; this position would last until December 1971, when Fenn’s closed their doors.

And the Story Continues.....

Although I was very young when Fenn’s was in business, there were many memories that shaped my life growing up - from the stories I was told -  to visiting co-workers for years after the plant closed - to being around all of the memorabilia that was saved.  In June 2014, we held our first presentation of Fenn’s at the Old Courthouse Museum; over 200 people were present.  Since that time, we have done presentations for many service clubs, OLLI, and others.  Everyday is a new  adventure as we learn new things, uncover new  treasures - Thank  you for letting us share this site and our memories with you.

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